Exponent CMS Development

Exponent CMS is a notable free and open source content management system that contains its own independent modular software framework of enterprise level. Exponent CMS is written in PHP programming language. The enhanced editing system of Exponent CMS delivers the developers with the power of editing the content of any page of the website without any further requirement of back-end administration system. The default package of Exponent CMS includes a set of modules that is specially designed to deal with typical websites. The best about Exponent CMS is that it is a cross platform content management system that is available for Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X operating systems. It can also be installed via web browser as well. The main advantages and benefits of using Exponent CMS, incredible built-in functionality for better control over all part of the website, SEO friendly, easy to use editing system, no additional plugins are required, editing of SEF URLs & meta, application flexibility, etc.